they’re :( such :( a :( COUPLE :(

You're the only one I see,
And that's the one thing that won't change.


..or maybe forever



R5 Q&A Minneapolis 11/20/12 

this to point out

1) ross answers a question that was originally directed to rydel about whether he loves the girl who plays ally aka laura

2) ross explains that ally and laura are indeed different yet compares his relationship with laura to austin & ally’s as they’re both cool. austin & ally are best friends who are pretty much in love with each other. yeah, real cool.

3) ross expresses just how close he and laura are by portraying the fact that they’ve hung out basically every day for the past two years. not really necessary. again explains how austin & ally have been the same way.

4) ross finishes off his speech by summarizing the main point that there is in fact no relationship between him and laura. then he makes this face that makes you think he might not be happy about that fact 

^ what she just said


Laura’s interview. She is so adorkable!


Austin, Ally, Dez and Trish spend the summer together at Shiny Money’s beach house. While trying to surf in the ocean, Ally nearly drowns. Fortunately, she is saved by a mysterious and cute neighbor. Will sparks fly between Ally and her savior? And will those sparks cause a certain blond to become insanely jealous?

Austin and Ally S2 + Scenery Porn